We record the narrator’s stories during a series of relaxed, one-on-one conversations. After the interviews are transcribed, edited, and rearranged to create a smoothly-flowing manuscript, the narrator reviews the initial draft, makes any changes, and approves the final draft.  While it is a collaborative process, the completed story is the narrator’s, told in the narrator’s voice.

Once the manuscript is in final draft form, we help the narrator select photographs and documents to include with the story. They are scanned and added to the manuscript, along with captions. The completed document is then sent out for printing and binding.

There are a variety of printing and binding options available, and copies may be ordered in any quantity. Pricing will vary based on the number of books ordered, the style of binding, the weight, finish and size of paper, the number of pages, and the number and color of photographs. We work with our clients to select the printing and binding options most appropriate to their needs and budget. 


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