I founded Remembering Then from a desire to focus full-time on my lifelong love of history, genealogy, and family stories. My combined passion began when I discovered my family’s 700-page genealogy. Although still in elementary school, I spent hours reading and looking through it. I went on to major in history and conducted graduate-level research, but my plan for a Ph.D. was derailed by an unanticipated 35-year career in the corporate world. Even so, I continued to feed my passion by spending evenings, weekends, and vacations researching family history and discovering long-lost stories.

My family enjoyed hearing about what I’d discovered, and I enjoyed sharing, but it was frustrating to realize how many stories had been lost over the preceding generations. If only someone had taken the time to write them down! I later learned that unrecorded stories are typically lost after the second generation. How sad – and how true!

When I heard about the Association of Personal Historians and how its members help individuals, businesses, and communities to preserve their history and stories, I knew I had found my calling. As a personal historian, it is a privilege to help others preserve their history and stories for future generations. We would welcome the opportunity to help you preserve yours.

Candace Cox                                                                                

Remembering Then                                                                        




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